We love to teach people how to train their own horses. Everyone knows that just because a 'trainer' can get a horse to do something, doesn't mean we can. We can help.... We want to put you and your horse on the same page and start building a partnership today.


We host and teach a variety of clinics at Wilde Oats, as we know how hard it is to find and learn from some of the best horsemanship teachers in the world! Along with teaching a variety of clinics, we will continue to host different clinicians and bring that knowledge closer to you!


On occasion we have a horse or two that we may need to find a good home for. "Riders teach horses and horses teach riders" the saying goes and we may just have the horse teacher you've been looking for. We also can help you find the right horse for you. We offer consultations and insights to buying horses if you're looking for a new friend.

Cowboy Dressage

We love teaching Cowboy Dressage! It is a sport like no other sport! It is based on the principles and values that we hold dear. It put the horse first, even in competition! We have studied Western and English riding and in Cowboy Dressage it comes together in true harmony!

Clinics and Lessons

We love helping people build a solid partnership with their horses! Kids and adults alike can progress and enjoy their horses as they learn the "how to's" of horsemanship. We offer private and group lessons, along with 1-day workshops and multi-day clinics. If your horse is perfect except for 1 thing... lets us help you past your frustration and make your horse exceptional!

Next Steps...

If we sound like we are the right fit for you, contact us and lets talk about how we can best help you.